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Why Dentures?

Regain your smile with our custom-made restorations.
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Dentures are the ideal replacements for those with multiple missing teeth or those who have lost all their teeth. Unfortunately, as we get older, we may begin to lose teeth. However, with esthetically-pleasing dentures from Dr. Mona Patel, you can recapture your smile.

These aren’t your grandparents’ dentures. Our cosmetic dentures are designed to meet your individual needs because of Dr. Patel’s advanced clinical skills and artistic precision with smile design. Using our innovative technology and knowledge, we design your aesthetic dentures by considering your teeth shape, color, and alignment. But more importantly, we discuss your preferences and produce the ideal fit for you.

Dentures are made using tooth-colored, durable material, which is resistant to chipping, stains, and cracking. The structure of the replacement helps support your facial features and your bite. Also, they restore the natural function of your teeth so you can enjoy laughing and smiling again.

All smiles are different, which is why we offer multiple options to replicate your natural beauty. This includes:

  • Partial Dentures
    If you have lost only a portion of your teeth then partial dentures are a great option for you. They provide a replacement for multiple teeth and restore your natural smile.
  • Full Dentures
    When you have lost all of your teeth on the lower or upper arch, it can be quite traumatic. With our full denture options, you can enjoy a new smile that not only looks natural but is custom-made for optimal function too.
  • Implant-supported Dentures
    For a more permanent solution, your implant dentist in Abington offers implant-supported dentures. They are placed onto 2-4 implants, which have been inserted into your jawbone for more stability.

How We Design Your New Smile With Dentures

Lifelike and custom-made dentures in Abington, PA.

Your First Visit

To begin your journey to a new smile, Dr. Mona Patel examines your remaining teeth, gum tissue, and facial features.

She then takes digital impressions and x-rays of your mouth to capture your bite’s natural movement and get a clear assessment of your smile. Based on her examination, Dr. Patel will start designing your new dentures, so your new teeth complement your facial features and function without any hindrance.

Designing Your Smile

You should be proud of your new dentures. That’s why you and Dr. Patel will both decide the shape, shade, and customizations of your new teeth. We’ll present our esthetic limitations and designs for you to choose from based on your goals and budget.

Once you approve of the design, we’ll send detailed instructions to our prestigious dental lab where your new smile is fabricated.

While We Wait...

Depending on your smile’s health, extractions may be needed to get your mouth ready for your new teeth. While your dentures are being created, Dr. Patel will gently remove any decayed teeth.

Once your mouth is fully healed with minimal swelling, we can place your new dentures.

Your Dentures Arrive

It’s important to us you’re happy and comfortable with your new smile. Once your dentures arrive, now is your opportunity to examine your new smile’s beauty. You can let Dr. Patel know of any adjustments with your the color, size, and tooth arrangement.

Once you’re satisfied with Dr. Patel’s adjustments, she’ll prep the denture to place in your mouth.

Fitting Your New Teeth

Dr. Patel places the partial or full denture and allows you to examine the fit. We can make any adjustments and securely fit your denture into place. A final review and slight adjustments are made to ensure you feel comfortable and happy with your new smile.

Don’t forget to schedule check-up appointment to make any adjustments necessary.

Retention is Important

It’s important to schedule your follow-up appointment. This will allow Dr. Patel to make any adjustments to ensure your smile’s lifelong success.

With proper care and visiting us on a regular basis, your teeth could last for a long time.

If you have been looking for a great dentist, look no further. Dr. Patel's team is not only professional, knowledgeable, and friendly; but they also treat you like family. Dr. Patel is incredible at educating the patient on treatment needs and finding what is best for the patient and their health. As a practitioner, she is gentle and is the best dentist I have ever seen.

Rachel J. (Actual Patient)

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Actual Patient

Secure Your Denture With Dental Implants

Gain better comfort and stability.

For most denture wearers, adhesives are needed to keep your teeth secured. However, if you go with implant-supported dentures, we can eliminate the need for adhesives because dental implants are placed to stabilize your restoration.

What can you expect?

Two or more dental implants are inserted into your jaw and fitted with abutments designed to attach/snap to your denture. The more implants placed in your jaw, the more secure and natural your denture will be.

Your Beautiful New Dentures Have Arrived

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