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We’ve always had a keen interest in dental technology, especially our dentist in Abington, and it plays an important role in our patient-first philosophy. By continuously staying up-to-date with new technological advancements, our dental technology allows us to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, your experience, and provide enhanced results.

Here are some benefits our innovative dental technology brings:

  • Seamless care

  • Help monitor conditions

  • Less invasive treatments

  • Increased comfort

  • More predictable outcomes

  • Educating patients about their health

Without a doubt, our modern equipment has helped all of our patients gain access to more convenient, gentle, and effective dentistry.

Our Office Technology

Access faster, better, and less invasive dentistry at Mona N. Patel DMD.

CEREC® Same-day Crowns

CEREC® is a modern restorative technology that offers both convenience and breathtaking results. This equipment allows Dr. Patel to create and place crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in just a single visit. CEREC® eliminates gloopy impressions by allowing us to scan digital impressions of your teeth. These are sent to the chair-side screen in 3-D. Dr. Patel is then able to design the restoration using CAD/CAM software and create it in-house using a milling machine.

The whole process is completed in one visit, so there’s no need for temporaries or repeat appointments.


Tekscan technology allows our dentist in Abington to accurately assess your bite (occlusion). By having the patient bite down on the T-Scan, Dr. Patel can evaluate readings that are sent to the chair-side monitor. This provides her information about the bite alignment, points of contact when biting, and helps her diagnose if any adjustments need to be made.

This useful piece of equipment identifies issues not easily seen by the naked eye and can help us educate you about your bite or teeth alignment.

Galileos Cone Beam Scanner

This 3-D imaging system provides Dr. Patel with high-definition digital images of your entire mouth and face. The scan only takes 14 seconds and is comfortable for each patient. The 3-D images produced help us accurately diagnose a number of dental issues and evaluate the best course of treatment.

The Cone Beam Scanner is all-digital and offers instant panoramic x-rays to make the diagnostic process easier. In fact, Dr. Patel is able to use these images to involve you in your diagnosis and educate you on her findings.

Another advantage is the ability to precisely and accurately plan for restorative treatments, such as dental implants. The scanner identifies the ideal position for such implants and whether enough jawbone is present. Using this information as a guide, Dr. Patel is able to accurately place the implants for even better results.

CariVu Camera

The DEXIS CariVu is the latest technology to assist dentists with diagnosing cavities and cracks in your teeth. The handheld device uses a safe, infrared-style light to make your tooth surface transparent, which reveals cavities taking shape. The images are similar in appearance to x-rays with the troublesome areas showing up as dark patches. This helps Dr. Mona Patel see the structure of the tooth and the size of the cavity or crack – thus helping her plan the best restoration.

CariVu uses transillumination technology (infrared-style) to show images of your teeth. However, unlike x-rays, they are radiation-free and can be completed very quickly.

I could not be happier with the service and professionalism of Mona and her staff. Her office is state of the art and I would recommend her to anybody. They make coming to the dentist a pleasure.

Rich P. (Actual Patient)

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

Using modern equipment for better accuracy and diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

Providing high-quality digital radiographs in minutes with 90% less radiation for patients.

Soft Tissue Laser

This modern technology allows us to perform soft tissue procedures without discomfort and with shorter healing times.


Portable laser unit designed to detect cavities on the surface of back teeth.

Intra-oral Cameras

This miniature video camera allows you to see what we see during your exam.

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