Our Distinctive Difference

Your health, smile, and experience are our top priority.

Creating A Memorable Dental Experience

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To us, nothing is more important than partnering with you in achieving optimal oral health.

Whole Picture

Your visit with us is focusing on the “big picture” – not just your smile. You can expect clear, concise communication to help you make the right decisions in regards to oral and overall health, and we promise to never pressure you. We’ll only start treatment once you feel 100% comfortable.


Accessible Care

Your life is busy, so we do our very best to make your dental visit both flexible and accommodating. We provide early opening hours, on-time service, emergency care, and same-day dentistry.


We’re dedicated to giving you an enjoyable dental experience that fits into your lifestyle, making us a patient-centric practice. At every visit, you’ll receive the VIP treatment with Dr. Patel and our team. This includes educating you on every step of your experience.

Feel at Home

You are a member of our family and treated like one. Expect a warm, friendly team who wants to know you as a person, not just a smile. We want you to view our office as somewhere you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Putting Your Smile in Caring and Skilled Hands
Your smile is a part of who you are and Dr. Patel takes that responsibility very seriously.
Our Abington Dentist smiling and showing she cares for her patient

When you undergo your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile, Dr. Patel is always by your side to guide you. Dr. Patel profoundly cares for her patients and community so much, she’s dedicated her time to educate, develop, and embrace the latest advancements in dentistry. Her commitment is recognized throughout the dental community, becoming one of the top leaders in dentistry.

  • Faculty Member of Clinical Mastery Series: Dr. Patel educates and lectures to other dental experts nationwide on cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement treatment with dental implants, and full smile reconstruction.

  • Co-Founder of Dynamic Dental Divas: As a pioneer and advocate in advancing women in dentistry, Dr. Patel started this all-female dental group to help advance and develop female dentists’ knowledge and techniques.

  • Over 25 years in Dentistry: With more than a quarter-century of experience, Dr. Patel continues to provide exceptional dental care with a warm, caring environment.

Going The Extra Mile With Intuitive Dentistry

Providing excellence and long-term solutions for the entire family.

Abington Family Dentistry uses same-day technology like CEREC

Same-day Dentistry

Thanks to CEREC® technology, Dr. Patel offers crowns, bridges, and veneers in a single visit.

Abington Family Dentistry addresses cosmetic and general needs of each patient

Cosmetic Dentistry

Being part of the prestigious Clinical Mastery Series faculty, Dr. Patel uses her expertise and attention to detail to craft you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Abington Family Dentistry is helping this young boy with his teeth

Family Healthcare

Your families’ overall health is extremely important to us. At every dental visit, we can adjust to your individual needs to improve your oral and overall health.

X-rays are a big part of preventive Abington Family Dentistry

Preventive Care

Dental hygiene starts at home. Our team provides advice on healthy habits that promote long-term dental health. In addition, we do encourage regular in-office cleanings to help keep your smile in good shape.

Dr. Patel has been my dentist for 22 years. I can only describe her entire practice as highly professional, incredibly skilled and entirely pleasant. It is a very efficient operation, and the services she provides are state of the art in dentistry.

Joline (Actual Patient)

I can honestly say I am totally comfortable with Dr Patel and her wonderful staff. Dr Patel has a very caring and soothing way about herself . Her judgement has always been spot on. I trust her. Whether it is a cleaning, cavity, root canal, crown or implant I am confident I am in good hands.

Don (Actual Patient)

My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Patel for dental care over the past ten years. She and her staff are fantastic. I highly recommend!

George W. (Actual Patient)

Modern Dentistry, All Under One Roof

Overcome your apprehension with a unique dental experience.

Zero Anxiety

Our advanced and modern technology gives you complete access to convenient and gentle visits.

Specialist Care

Dr. Hatam is our in-house implant and periodontal dentist. No longer will you need to bounce around from office to office. With Dr. Patel by her side, Dr. Hatam continues our commitment to excellence and conveniences of high-class care.

Clear Communication

Every stage of your experience is embodied by constant two-way communication. Through transparent and open discussions, you'll receive all the information you need to make the best decisions with your smile.

Innovative Treatments

Dr. Mona's passion for you and her patients inspires her to expand her skills through advanced training and continuing education. Using her acquired knowledge, she continuously introduces the best techniques and technologies available to her patients.

Welcoming Office

From the waiting area to our operatories, every room in our office is comfortable and inviting. Our team reflects this friendly feel by treating you and our patients like family.

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Informed Choices

Our dedication to bringing you dental excellence starts with educating every procedure and giving you a range of options. It's our goal to provide you with the confidence to make an informed decision in regards to your oral health.

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