With a doctor father, Dr. Mona Patel grew up understanding why it is so important to combine excellent patient-oriented care with clinical precision. It is this knowledge that has helped Dr. Patel to build and run a highly successful business for many years. Dr. Patel’s compassionate care is why numerous patients are incredibly loyal. It is also one of the reasons why she is so passionate about continuing dental education. 

Over the years Dr. Patel has built up a formidable and enviable wealth of experience and knowledge, and it’s her passion and mission to pass on this information to other dentists. She is well known for being an excellent dental educator and is renowned as a top leader in dentistry. Dr. Patel has been a preclinical instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and a clinical instructor for third and fourth-year students. She is part of the Clinical Mastery Series Faculty which is a group of dedicated dental clinicians who are committed to educating dentists from across the country. As a member of numerous dental associations, Dr. Patel is always at the forefront of the latest innovations and techniques in dentistry and has participated in clinical studies.

What Made Dr. Patel Want to Become a Dentist?

Given Dr. Patel’s dedication to dentistry, it is surprising to learn she didn’t always want to become a dentist. At age 13, Dr. Patel viewed having a work-life balance as being crucial to her chosen career and wasn’t initially sure this was possible in dentistry. However, thankfully for her patients, Dr. Patel did want a career in dentistry, and she views herself as being extremely lucky to have chosen such an enjoyable and rewarding profession. Dr. Patel loves nothing more than solving a dental problem and determining the best way to restore a patient’s dental health and their smile. Since qualifying, Dr. Patel has seen a tremendous number of changes in the profession, not least for female dentists.

The Changing Face of Dentistry

Nowadays, more clinicians are willingly taking the next step to educate and elevate dentistry and recognize that women dentists bring a different component to the profession in the way they connect and relate to patients. The ability of women dentists to relate and empathize with patients paves the way for a more thoughtful and insightful approach to treatment, which in turn makes a difference to the results. It is part of the reason why Dr. Patel is so committed to mentoring women dentists. 

Mentoring Women Dentists

The numbers of female dentists have increased exponentially over the past few decades, and now in some dental schools, women dental students exceed men. As a dentist who has successfully combined her career with a family, Dr. Patel is particularly interested in empowering women in dentistry and has founded a local study group just for women dentists, which is called Dynamic Dental Divas. She mentors young women who are just starting their career in dentistry and is an inspirational role model, providing valuable guidance in running and growing a successful practice while still maintaining a good work-life balance. At a recent roundtable meeting, one of the members recorded a testimonial video.

Choosing to become a dentist was far more than merely a career choice for Dr. Patel, and it’s her dedication to dentistry that spurs her on to empower and educate other dentists so that they can provide the same quality of comprehensive dental care to their patients. If you are a patient of Dr. Patel’s, then all this will come as little surprise. Dr. Patel is renowned for being dedicated to her patients, providing high quality yet compassionate care, and always with a smile.