If you’re like many people, you only interact with an Abington dentist’s website when you’re looking for a new practitioner or searching for the phone number so you can call and make an appointment. Dr. Mona Patel, DMD, wants to change all that. With a new website focused on convenience for patients and a blog that gives you the low-down on all things related to your teeth for better health, Dr. Patel hopes to make communication and dental education easier and more interesting for you.

How Does Dr. Patel’s New Website Help You?

There’s a lot going on at MonaPatelDMD.com besides just a place to find the office phone number. In fact, with the new website, you can request an appointment online — no need to call in. Let our helpful office staff know when you or your family members are available and we’ll contact you to set up the perfect day and time.

You can also:

  •  Get directions to our office from your smartphone. If you need to, you can click on our phone number right from your mobile device and be connected to an office staff member who can guide you to our location.
  •  Download patient forms and save time — no more arriving early to fill out multiple pages. Do it in the comfort of your home, where you can more easily access the information we need and provide thoughtful responses.
  •  Learn more about the services we offer, including general and cosmetic dentistry.
  •  Find out more about the technologies we use to save you time and make your mouth look and function perfectly.

We invite you to check out the website and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see that isn’t available. We’re constantly updating the site to include more information that can help Dr. Patel’s patients.

What Will Dr. Patel’s Blog Focus On?

Dr. Patel is always learning about new technologies and techniques, and she thinks you’ll be interested in finding out more about the latest improvements in dentistry that can make your visit more comfortable and convenient.

Plus, Dr. Patel will cover information about new services and family dentistry in her blog. Have you ever been talking to a medical practitioner and later wished you could remember more details about the conversation? You’ll be able to visit Dr. Patel’s blog and get more information on the exact topic she may have discussed with you. She’ll also focus on prevention and how you can save time and money by keeping your dental health as good as it can be.

If you’re interested in dental implants or other cosmetic procedures, Dr. Patel will also be touching on those in her blog. As part of her participation in a 5-year study focused on implants, she can offer a lot of knowledge and expertise about dental implants and what will work best for you.

What Else Should You Know About Dr. Patel?

Dr. Patel has practiced dentistry in both the U.K. and the U.S., and she has an extensive educational background in both countries. She’s constantly learning and wants to pass along new information to you.

She’s also very concerned about preventing dental health problems, so she encourages setting up regular cleanings and exams. That way, any dental problems can be caught and treated before they turn into a major — and expensive — disaster.

Dr. Patel’s office accepts most forms of payment and many types of dental insurance. To make sure that patients like you can afford to pay for a healthy smile, even without dental insurance, her office makes CareCredit available so you can spread payments out over a period that makes sense to you.

To learn more about Dr. Patel, her staff and the services available, as well as read the new blog, please visit MonaPatelDMD.com.