Not so long ago, it was rare to see a woman dentist, but thankfully, times have changed. Today, more women are recognizing that dentistry is an excellent profession for anyone who is wanting to make a genuine impact in their community and for their family.  Dr. Patel proves daily; it is possible to combine a successful career in a busy practice with the challenges of raising a family. 

Benefits of the Female Touch in Dentistry

Women dentists bring different qualities into dentistry and are more open to being nurturing and compassionate toward dental patients, traits that are appreciated by those of a nervous or even fearful disposition! Dr. Patel knows that a vital part of dentistry is the ability to establish excellent rapport with patients, instilling them with the confidence and trust needed to improve their dental health. 

A feminine touch is often reflected in the design of the practice, in creating a calming, more welcoming and less clinical environment. Female dentists also tend to find the artistic side of dentistry extremely satisfying, and focusing on the aesthetics, accuracy, and intricacy is both challenging and rewarding.  Having smaller hands helps too!

Obstacles Faced by Female Dentists, Even Today!

That said, dentistry is a demanding career because while it is possible to create a flexible schedule, continuing education is necessary to keep up-to-date with all the changes and developments in the profession. All-female dental practices are becoming more common, but women dentists are still finding that they need to change people’s perceptions about dental care. Some patients initially prefer to be treated by a male dentist, just because a man has always treated them before. 

These are challenges that Dr. Mona Patel recognizes all too well, and they are part of the reason why she is so committed to helping and empowering other female dentists. Dr. Patel is a founder of the Women in Dentistry’s study club, aptly called the Dynamic Dental Divas! She is passionate about mentoring other women in dentistry and in passing on her skills and knowledge. Finding anyone better qualified than Dr. Patel would be difficult.

As someone who has built up a thriving dental practice over many years, Dr. Patel is uniquely placed to help new or recently graduated female dentists just beginning their careers. The challenges of building a career and a practice, let alone combining this with a balanced family life can seem daunting. These are areas where Dr. Patel’s experiences are invaluable when mentoring others. Dr. Patel is a faculty member and an educator of other dentists through the highly respected Clinical Mastery Series. She has served as a preclinical and clinical instructor for third and fourth-year students. 

With increasing numbers of women entering the dental profession, the mentoring provided by inspirational dentists like Dr. Patel is even more imperative. More women are becoming involved in dental organizations too, helping to shape the future and a more femininely oriented face of dentistry. Ultimately, these changes result in better care for the patient, and for Dr. Patel, the satisfaction of helping continues to fulfill one of her life’s passions.