All too often, we chose our dentist based on convenience. Do they take my insurance? Are they conveniently located? Will their hours of operation fit my lifestyle? Rarely, though, does gender play a deciding factor. The climate of today’s world with regards to gender and gender equality is full of opinions, but consider this, choosing a Female dentist often means choosing a better dentist for you. Why?

Progressive While Conservative

Dr. Patel actively pursues the latest in dental treatments through advanced training and continuing education. She continuously introduces the best techniques and technologies available. Studies have shown that female dentists have a more conservative approach to treatment. Whether restorative dentistry or general care, women dentists avoid unnecessary or aggressive care. Coupling this conservative nature with extensive knowledge of her practice, Dr. Patel offers personalized treatment that saves her patients time and money. 

Most people agree that women are more nurturing than men. As a result, female dentists can be better at putting themselves in the place of their patients. For anxious dental patients, choosing a female dentist can lower stress levels. Coupled with a natural ability for nurturing, our advanced and modern technology gives you access to gentle zero anxiety visits. 

Keeping Cavities At Bay

How can the gender of your dentist determine the number of cavities you have? Consider the finding of a study conducted by the Dental PBRN Collaborative group. PBRN researchers found that female dentists had a much greater preference for offering cavity prevention regimens to their patients. This seemingly simple adjustment in treatment empowers you as the patient and saves you money. 

Dr. Patel, values partnering with her patients to achieve optimal oral health. She takes a savvy but nurturing approach to her practice, another trademark of women in dentistry. Like many female dentists, she believes not in a one size fits all mentality, but in taking time to listen to your concerns and needs and recommending what’s best for you as an individual. 

The Importance of Communication

Women are often viewed to be better communicators than men. Whether science ever conclusively proves this or not, for many, life experience shows that women find great value in quality communication. This difference in gender provides another key to the benefits of choosing a female dentist. Women dentists are often better at listening to their patients. With a clear understanding of your needs, women dentists see the importance of clearly explaining treatment options and procedures to their patients.

Dr. Patel considers two-way communication an integral step in helping you receive the information you need to make an informed choice. She also values helping other women of dentistry to do the same. According to the American Dental Association, as of 2017, 31% of dentists working in dentistry were female. Comprising of less than half of dentists’ nationwide, empowering one another with knowledge is of utmost importance. Dr. Patel is the co-founder of Dynamic Dental Divas, an all-female dental group dedicated to advancing female dentists’ knowledge and techniques. 

Of course, you want a dentist that listens to your concerns and questions, one that provides gentle care and lessens our anxieties. You value dentists that offer a conservative personalized approach, and you will find these qualities in a female dentist. She will provide the kind of care you’re looking for and create an environment conducive to health and healing.  It is clear to see how patients will benefit as the number of women practicing dentistry continues to grow.d