We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your dentist, even financially comfortable. Just as we commit to providing the highest level of care during your dental treatment, we also commit to providing quality dental care without the expense, hassle or confusion that can come with traditional dental insurance.

With the rising costs of healthcare, even our patients with current dental insurance discover their coverage unable or unwilling to provide the benefits needed for optimal dental health. Numerous medical studies continue to reveal the link between oral health and overall health, creating an even more significant need to ensure our patients have an alternative to dental insurance.

This is why we decide to be proactive to help our patients gain quality, affordable care. We are excited to introduce you to our new exclusive in-office membership plan, Patel Care.

Why We Created Our Membership Plan

  • Fact #1: Our patients’ well-being and dental health always come first. We have made it a matter of principle to care for our patients as the members of our dental family. Our standards are high because we believe you deserve the same excellent dental treatment we would provide our own families.
  • Fact #2: Insurance companies do not think the same way we do. More and more, insurance companies are restricting and limiting their approvals of what is covered under their plans regardless of the dentist’s recommendation for your oral health. You might need dental care that is not covered by your insurance company’s dental policy, which means you can get denied the benefits you need and are required to pay for treatment out of pocket.
  • Fact #3: Dr. Patel is a clinical educator and lecturer to dentists across the country. Her advanced training and experience mean you can have full confidence in the recommendations you receive for your dental health and smile goals. Our standard of care will not allow insurance companies to influence the way we diagnose and treat you!

What is Patel Care?

Patel Care is a savings plan for routine and preventative care. This means you save on regular dental cleanings, exams and x-rays that are comparable, if not more affordable, to amounts you would invest in dental insurance premiums and co-pays.

Patel Care also includes savings on restorative care including crowns, fillings, implants and cosmetic dentistry. Patel Care is a yearly, prepaid plan which gives you the freedom to choose quality dental care. With custom plans to meet you and your family’s needs, you can get started today for as low as $34 per month.*

We believe Patel Care will benefit most of our patients, whether or not you have dental insurance. We are so pleased to provide an affordable option to eliminate the most common barrier to dental health, costs. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss this new savings option, and discover a plan to keep your smile in perfect health!

Please feel free to download Patel Care Brochure to learn more!