We’re thrilled to support Team YOLO at this year’s Big Climb Philly. Team YOLO (You Only Live Once) is participating in this year’s Big Climb, and the event is sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). It’s a fantastic chance to honor and support people who have been affected by blood cancer. Last year Team YOLO raised more than $5000, so this year they’ve increased the stakes, and their goal is $7500!

About This Event

It’s the third annual sponsored stair climb for LLS and participants climb to the top of the FMC Tower in Philadelphia. The event is a fantastic workout for those glutes, as it is 46 flights of stairs to the top and last year every single team member made it to the top. The event takes place on Saturday morning, May 19 in support of the LLS mission which is to cure blood cancers and to support those fighting the disease. Unfortunately, many of us have friends, family or colleagues who have fought or are fighting blood cancer, and every four minutes someone new is diagnosed with this disease.

Dr. Patel’s husband and our newest team member Naish Patel is the Co-Captain of Team YOLO with Mary Pennington who is a blood cancer survivor. The rest of our team is, unfortunately, unable to attend, but we’re actively supporting it! 

The Big Climb Philly is just one of the many local events supported by our dental office, and our regular patients will know Dr. Patel and the entire team is dedicated to giving back to the local community. Dr. Patel and everyone here regularly gets involved with local events and charities in Abington and the surrounding areas. It’s an enjoyable and incredibly rewarding way to give back to the community that supports us.